Our chief purpose is to respond to any need requested by our clients regarding folding, sheet cutting and surface treatment.

Thanks to the combined experience and practical expertise TACOMI has accumulated, we can tackle engineering projects and new machines or facilities in any of the sectors mentioned, as well as providing support, service, original spares and technical advice to our clients.

New machines
Spare parts
Technical support service
New machines


Sheets and Profiles

Suspended loads

Tumble Belts

Rotary Tables


Folding machines



Spare parts
  • TACOMI in the only company legally entitled to supply original spare parts for any type of MEBUSA machines.
  • Although there are other alternatives on the market, only TACOMI has the engineering expertise to generate effective solutions, as we have the technical, documentation and knowledge resources necessary to do so.

Technical support service
  • TACOMI technical staff have many years of experience in the installation, assembly and start-up of MEBUSA machines.
  • The staff in charge of assembling the machines are also responsible for the technical support service. They have acquired the best knowledge of all the machine details or any components as well as their role and correct installation and operating conditions.

  • We offer our clients our expertise in the field of deformation, sheet cutting and surface treatment both when it comes down to selecting a machine, tool or process which best suits their needs and for any other matter where our support may be considered relevant.


Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also write to us to: mebusa@tacomi.es.