Integrated Management System Policy


TACOMI. S.A., based in Derio (Bizkaia), has earned the trust many different business groups have placed on our work, thanks to the quality and reliability of our services. As a result, our commitment to Service Quality, Environmental Protection, including pollution prevention and Occupational Health & Safety in all processes of our activity has become a pillar of our company operation.

Therefore, the Company Management has undertaken the following commitments:

  • to implement any measures necessary to prevent and/or eliminate any factor which may have a negative impact on the quality of the activities carried out by TACOMI, S.A., or which may involve risks for the environment, the health & safety of the company employees as well as of any third parties and stakeholders who may come into contact with the activity carried out by our organisation;
  • to improve our Management system and performance, as well as prevent any damage and loss to the environment and the health of the employees, using all the resources and means within TACOMI, S.A. reach;
  • to enforce compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable to our activity and in particular, those related to the Environment and Occupational Health & Safety, as well as any other requirement, weather mandatory or not, which may be undertaken by TACOMI, S.A.;
  • to foster the participation and involvement of all the company workforce in the Integrated Management System operation and development and implementation of this Policy, as well as providing suitable qualifications for our staff to enable them to perform their activities with the highest Quality standards, minimum Environmental impact on our local environment and on the Occupational Health and Safety of the employees;
  • to encourage our suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and clients to comply with all the provisions set forth by the company in regards to Quality, the Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety;
  • to include all our activities under the Continuous Improvement model framework and in particular those activities which may directly or indirectly affect the Quality of our service, our local Environment and the Occupational Health & Safety of our Organisation, or have a negative impact on our clients’ satisfaction; and
  • to communicate this Policy to all the employees who work for or on behalf of the Organisation as well as to any stakeholder as may be deemed appropriate, and enforce the correct implementation of the Policy at all levels of the organisation.

Finally, this Management Policy is subject to annual review by the Management to ensure its contents are applicable and in line with the values of our organisation as well as consistent with TACOMI, S.A. corporate strategy and expectations of our clients.